Geekbench 4


One of the most comprehensive benchmarking tools for Android


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Geekbench is one of the most reliable performance analysis tools for mobile devices you can find. Its main advantage in comparison to its competitors is the fact that it's a multiplatform tool that lets you compare your Android against iOS devices or PCs with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The app lets you take two types of measures: CPU performance or computation speed with regard to mundane tasks like LLVM infrastructures and MySQL queries. Thanks to this you can get more realistic results. These by themselves don't mean anything but they serve as a reference point when comparing them to other devices that have done the same benchmarking.

With regard to the results, in addition to a number value, you can directly see a single-core or multi-core comparison with other cutting-edge devices to check if the technical specs of your smartphone or tablet are still competitive.
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